The candies you loved way back when? Guess what, they’re still here. Wax Lips and Nik’l’nips, Mary Janes, and Fireballs. You have our permission to let your “inner kid” run wild at Robins.



Tennessee fudge made from fresh, natural ingredients and cooked in small batches to silky perfection. Mouth-watering.



The biggest collection of licorice in all of New England; sixty-five different kinds flown in from around the world. Simply heaven for licorice lovers.


Mochi Ice Cream

Our Mochi starts with the finest gourmet ice cream wrapped in rice pastry. These bite-sized confections are flown in from Hawaii and come in fabulous flavors like Green Tea and Sea Salt Caramel. Delish!




Make Way for Chocolate Duckies

The ultimate Boston bonbon. These delicious, bite-sized chocolate ducklings will remind you of Boston’s most famous, fine-feathered family. Quack.


Cake Pops

Cake on a stick. Need we say more? These delicate desserts are as beautiful as they are delicious. Hand made by an artisanal baker just for Robin, each cake pop is a work of art.


Hand crafted by artisanal chocolatiers in New England, these delicious chocolates are made from only the freshest cream and butter, finest cocoa, and flavors inspired from around the world. You don’t just taste chocolates from Robin’s, you experience them. Enjoy.


Treats for 5 to 5,000

Huge Hershey bars, 27-lb gummy bears, a 2-lb marshmallow, and gigantic lollipops are just some of Robin’s super-sized candy. Perfect for a party, the dorm, or a big celebration.


Edible Shot Glasses

Move aside Jello shots.  You can add a splash of gummy goodness to whatever you’re drinking with edible shot glasses.


Crickets & Insect Candy

Take a walk on the wild side. We dare you. Taste Robin’s collection of candy-coated crickets, scorpions, and insects. Outrageously delicious.


Fred Food Face Plates

Yes, you can play with your food! Make a macaroni mustache or a beard out of green beans on our fun, ceramic dinner plates. Perfect for picky eaters.


Uncle Goose Alphabet Blocks

Simply. The. Best. These premium American hand-crafted wooden blocks are available in English, Dutch, Korean, Braille, or most any other lingo. A timeless classic. End. Of. Story.

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